Authored by jndiba

The project aims at strengthening local resource-user groups to participate effectively in safeguarding, sustainably utilize and manage Mabamba Ramsar site ecosystem’s ecosystem that faces increasing over-exploitation of sand, forests and other resources by private business operators leading to ecosystem alteration, destruction of breeding grounds leading to reducing species populations of birds, fish, mammals and plants that give the wetland its international importance status and provide a basis for sustainable pro-poor eco-tourism. The project will involve documentation of effects of key exploitative activities, develop and implement an advocacy strategy; and, initiate restoration activities.

Project objectives include:

  • Document the effects of key exploitative activities to ecosystem and species contained therein;
  • Advocate for redress by policy makers and leaders at various levels – key issues include cancelling concessions to sand miners and adherence to environmental guidelines;
  • Initiate restoration activities to degraded areas both in the wetland and in the catchment;
  • Popularize the Wetland management action plan and promote its implementation.
Funding Amount