Across the eleven countries of the African Great Lakes Region, hundreds of organizations and individuals are working to restore and maintain the African Great Lakes. Successfully protecting this valuable freshwater resource and facilitating sustainable development of the region requires a continuous supply of data and knowledge. Historically, we have lacked the information infrastructure to facilitate increased collaboration among stakeholders and address fragmented development efforts.

In 2017, organizations across the region joined to plan for the historic African Great Lakes conference. As these groups came together, they issued a call for improved information infrastructure. The African Great Lakes Information Platform (African Great Lakes Inform) was launched in 2017 to answer this call.

African Great Lakes Inform is a first-stop shop for information relevant to conservation and sustainable development efforts across the region. This site enhances data and resource sharing for the six themes highlighted at the conference to support natural resource planning, implementation and decision-making processes.

The University of Nairobi and the African Center for Aquatic Research and Education own and manage African Great Lakes Inform. Support for this transition was generously provided by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation's African Great Lakes Conservation Fund. African Great Lakes Inform was developed by The Nature Conservancy.

What we do

African Great Lakes Inform gets the right information to the right people in the right format to unite science, practice and policies.

How we do it

Through collaboration, African Great Lakes Inform helps the African Great lakes community access and transform existing data into useful information.