Authored by jndiba

Mt Elgon forest is a water tower shared between two countries, Kenya and Uganda. The forest is a source of many streams and rivers with Nzoia  River emptying into Lake Victoria and River Suam emptying into Lake Turkana, two of African Great Lakes.

The forest supports dense populations in both Kenya and Uganda who rely on  subsistence farming with rivers and streams providing water for domestic and industrial use. Human activity has however encroached the forest for settlement purposes and carried out deforestation to provide timber, charcoal and firewood. This will eventually lead to reduced forest cover negatively contributing to low levels of water feeding the great lakes as the forest acts as the source of some of the rivers which empty to them. Community involvement in conserving the forest is significant through educating them on the need to conserve the forest as well as involve them in planting trees regularly thus conserve the forest for the current and future generations.